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In Murmansk
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Hunting for the Northern Lights

Dear friends!

Welcome to our northern Arctic region! We are pleased to offer you fishing on the rivers of the Murmansk region, such as Kola, Kitsa, Ura, Varzuga, Belousiha.

You can go to sea fishing in the Barents Sea, breathe in full fresh sea air of the North Atlantic. Sea fishing in the Barents Sea will always bring joy and positive emotions from the sea view and guaranteed rich catch. In addition, the Kola Peninsula will present an unforgettable holiday in the bosom of northern nature. You will rest from the noise and dust of the big city.

1) Hunting for the Northern Lights

2) Excursions around Murmansk

3) Saami village and husky park

4) Transfers in Murmansk and Scandinavia